To enter the giveaway simply sign up on Yield App, enter your email address below and complete KYC level 2 on the platform under the account settings.

STEP 1. Create account at Yield App and complete KYC level 2 on the platform under the account settings

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STEP 2. Send your sign up email


Do the competition entries get rolled over? 
If you have entered the competition on week 1 and did not win you will automatically get enrolled in the following week of the competition.

How will the winner announcement be made? 
Winners will be announced on the @YieldApp Twitter account.

I won! How do I claim the prize?
You will be contacted directly by the Yield App team within 14 days to verify your information and claim the prize. 

Which token/coin will the winner receive?
The prize will be distributed in YLD, Yield App’s native utility token. 

Who is eligible to receive the deposit bonus?
Please check the Terms & Conditions on our website for a list of jurisdictions we do not support. 


Prize distribution
Week 1: 3
,000 YLD between 3 people
Week 3: 3
,000 YLD between 3 people
Week 5: 3
,000 YLD between 3 people